The Top 11 Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) Powerhouses On The Market

In a world where “Top 10” lists are pretty common, we will take a path less traveled. Let’s explore the top 11 IDaaS providers, showcasing those who lead not just in innovation and service but also in market presence and influence.

What is IDaaS?

Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) is a cloud-based solution that manages digital identities and access controls. It’s crucial for ensuring secure and efficient access to applications and services across various industries. By leveraging IDaaS, organizations can streamline authentication processes, enforce security policies, and comply with regulatory standards.

Back in the days, companies typically had internal authentication and authorization methods distinct from those used in their software products. For example, they might use some form of LDAP for all internal users managed by Microsoft, alongside a basic username and password system for software sold to their customers, the latter developed internally.

Don’t get me wrong, some companies still do this. However, as users become increasingly skeptical about how their data is handled, businesses are making more effort to leverage Identity as a Service (IDaaS). This allows them to rely on a dedicated entity whose sole function is to provide authentication and authorization as a service.

Here are a list of industry where IDaaS is indispensable:

  • Health: Protecting patient data while ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations.
  • Finance: Securing financial transactions and customer data against fraud.
  • Public Sector: Providing secure access to government services while safeguarding personal information.
  • IT: Managing access to numerous applications and services within complex IT infrastructures.
  • Media: Protecting intellectual property and ensuring only authorized users have access to content.

The Top 11 IDaaS Powerhouses

Let’s introduce the contenders through a detailed table, highlighting their origins, ideal use cases, common features and approximate cost for 1000 monthly active users.

ProviderOriginIdeal Use CasesCommon FeaturesApprox. Cost for 1000 MAUs*
Microsoft Entra IDDeveloped by Microsoft, a leader in IT solutionsBest for enterprises embedded in the Microsoft ecosystemSSO, MFA, Conditional accessIncluded with Microsoft 365 subscriptions; standalone pricing varies from $6,000 to $9,000/month.
OktaAn independent identity management specialistVersatile, fits all industriesLifecycle management, Adaptive MFA, API access managementMinimum $2,000/month for internal users (workforce). For external users, see Auth0.
Ping IdentitySpecializes in intelligent identity solutionsFinance, healthcare, and telecom industriesSSO, MFA, User managementMinimum $3,000/month for internal users (workforce). For external users, minimum 20 000$/year.
Auth0 (by Okta)Focused on simplicity and developer friendlinessStartups and developersUniversal login, Customizable authentication flows, Social loginFree for up to 7000 MAUs; paid plans start around $23/month for more than 7000 MAUs
SailPointKnown for identity governance solutionsHighly regulated industries, like finance and healthcareIdentity governance, Compliance management, Role managementEstimated to start at $75,000 per license.
ForgeRockOffers comprehensive digital identity platformConsumer-facing services, IoTUEBA, AI-driven amendsEstimated to cost about $20,000 for implementation, with a licensing fee of $8000/month.
IBM Security Access ManagerPart of IBM’s extensive security portfolioEnterprises requiring robust security featuresRisk-based access, SSO, Access policy enforcementEstimated price at about $2000 per month.
Broadcom (CA Single Sign-On)Acquired CA Technologies, enhancing its portfolioLarge enterprises, especially legacy applicationsSecure SSO, Advanced authenticationCustom pricing; contact for estimates.
CyberArkSpecializes in privileged access managementProtecting high-value assets and admin accountsPrivileged access security, Session managementEstimated to start from $3,000 to $5,000 per month, depending on the services chosen.
Thales (SafeNet Trusted Access)Leader in data protection and digital securityFinance, government, and cloud servicesSmart single access, Policy-driven authentication, Cloud securityCustom pricing; contact for estimates.
Google Cloud Identity PlatformBuilt on Google’s secure infrastructureStartups to enterprises, especially those using Google CloudEasy integration with GCP, Context-aware access controlsFree for up to 50,000 MAUs on Google Cloud; additional costs for more users.

* The “Approx. Cost for 1000 MAUs” column provides a rough estimate based on available data and common pricing structures. Actual costs could be lower or higher depending on specific features, negotiation, and changes in pricing. Always check the latest pricing on the provider’s website or contact sales for the most accurate and tailored quote.

This table serves as a starting point for evaluating IDaaS options, but due diligence and direct contact with providers are recommended for up-to-date pricing and package details.

Starting a SaaS? Here’s What You Need

For SaaS startups, choosing the right IDaaS provider is about balancing functionality with cost as you scale. While the powerhouses offer extensive features, startups need solutions that are not only quick to implement but also cost-effective.

Say you are in your basement or garage and have an amazing idea of an app that will <INSERT AMAZING IDEA HERE>. Great! You’ve bootstrapped and know a couple of people interested in helping you develop an MVP. You also know some folks who will definitely subscribe and pay.

No matter how good the product, you’ll eventually need to address the following questions:

  • Where do I store the customers’ data?
  • How do I authenticate users and ensure they are who they claim to be?
  • How do I authorize their access to specific resources?

The quick and easy answer is to choose one of the options above, but without VC backing, you may need to pause until you generate a consistent revenue flow. This presents a significant challenge for a startup. While you could opt for a free solution or code it yourself, you expose yourself to significant risk if hacked.

Looking Ahead: Free Options

While this guide introduces the titans of IDaaS, we recognize the unique challenges faced by startups and small enterprises. In our upcoming blog, we’ll explore free IDaaS options that provide the security and scalability necessary for early-stage growth without the hefty price tag. Stay tuned to discover how you can secure your digital kingdom as you embark on your SaaS journey.

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